32837 PHP is one of the most popular web development language. Many big sites like Facebook, WordPressYahoo, Wikipedia, Flickr, Friendster, Digg, Sourceforge, iStockPhoto and YouSendIt are coded in PHP.
So if you are in love with web development and haven't started yet then PHP is one of the good choices to kick start. Here are some of the basic PHP tutorials to make awesome websites:

1)Getting Started with PHP
Collection of videos which will explain you use PHP.

2)How to create a secure PHP contact form
Learn how to create a spammer-stopping PHP contact form for your website.

3)Basics of PHP
All the basic of PHP.

4)Setting Up The Database
How to connect your PHP webpage with database.

5)Inserting Information
Inserting data in database in PHP.

6)Displaying Data
Retrieval of data from database.

7)Smarty Template Engine Crash Course
For those of you who have used PHP template engines, the basic concepts of Smarty should look quite familiar. In your PHP application you assign variables for use in the template, then you display it.

8)Elegant Useful and Free PHP Graph Chart Libraries
Here are some of the free and open source chart libraries that you can use into your own PHP web projects. Use these to enhance the user experience and build a rich client presentation.

9)PHP5 Database Iterators
One feature of PHP rarely seen in production code is PHP Iterators. Iterators are not unique to PHP, as Java and C++ have them, but they are a powerful mechanism to increase code usability. A very useful feature of PHP Iterators is the ability to extend them to iterate over any type of array or object. A unique implementation of PHP Iterators is to quickly and easily iterate over a result from a SQL query against a database. This provides a fast and very memory efficient implementation for loading up many objects.

10)Integrating FirePHP for Ajax Development
There are many integrated development environments and tools available to aid in building Web 2.0 AJAX applications with PHP, but nothing comes close to the ease of use and tight Firebug integration that FirePHP provides.

11)How to Debug in PHP
Learn how to debug in PHP.

12)Upload in modal window and pass values with jQuery
This PHP / jQuery tutorial explains how-to upload a file PHP from ThickBox and how after successful upload the filename is passed to the parent document. The function is a useful addition for custom content management systems.

13)Sending e mails via SMTP with PHP mailer and Gmail
Using the SMTP server from Gmail is a good choice for mail application with less than 500 recipients a day. This tutorials shows you how to send mail messages via SMTP using PHPmailer and Gmail.

14)Develop PHP Web Applications with NetBeans, VirtualBox and Turnkey LAMP Appliance
Learn how to configure Net Beans, Virtual Box and the Turnkey LAMP Appliance to develop complex PHP applications in a virtual environment. This article explains the process of creating a virtual machine, configuring the Net Beans PHP IDE, and managing a WordPress project with Net Beans in a step wise manner.

15)Adding Custom Panels to the Cake PHP Status Plugin
There are two different ways to add a panel '" using request Action or Ajax. The general rule is if the panel is pretty fast to load and content is static use request Action. If the panel takes some time or you want to be able to interact with it then use Ajax

16)Display client list on map with PHP and AJAX
A pretty much step by step guide on how to create MarylandLawyerSearch.net. Data is pulled using PHP, put into JavaScript and Google's Map API. Source code for all files are listed with step by step instructions.

17)How to Implement Text to Speech in PHP
One such application is Festival, it allows us to convert Text to Speech(WAV) format. In this article we will learn on how we can convert text to speech from PHP applications.

18)Use Windows Login in PHP Applications
Use the username and password schemes that are already in place for logging in to your applications or websites. Great for intranet site work

19)Input Validation: Using filter_var() Over Regular Expressions
The biggest time-sink on any project, is the amount of input validation that needs to be done. You _have_ to assume your visitor is a maniac serial killer, out to destroy your application. And you have to prevent it.

20)Using php and mysql to create a short url service
Using mod rewrite, some string manipulation and a bit of mysql the tutorial shows you how to create a short url service

21)PHP Mini Message Board Tutorial
Learn how to make your own PHP and MySQL message board. This tutorial will show you pretty much some of the basics of a bog-standard message board.

22)How to Create an RSS Feed for your Site in PHP
This tutorial will show you how to create an RSS feed in a few simple steps.

target="_blank">23)Slider Using PHP, Ajax And Javascript
Learn how to create cool nice slider which is implemented using JavaScript , Ajax and PHP.

24)Sorting 2d arrays in php anectodes and reflections
How to use array_multisort to sort tables by column.

25)Twitter send message from php
This is a very simple tutorial that explains how to post a message using Twitter API from a PHP page.

26)Creating a three dimensional pie chart using Google's Chart API
Learn how to create a three dimensional pie chart using Google's Chart API.

27)Template View and View Helper Design Patterns in PHP
The Template View and View Helper patterns lend themselves nicely when it comes to developing a View Layer solution for PHP, or so I found out with the recent refactoring of Cubix (dubbed Cubix II). This View layer duo is very much a great candidate for a “tag team”. Each component performs a role and together make up a big part of the View Layer.

28)Uploading Image Files with PHP
Learn  hot to Upload Image Files with PHP.

29)Frst steps within the zend framework
Tutorial on using the Yahoo search web service with the classes from the Zend framework.

30)How to write a pdf from php with a custom font and encoding
This is a description of how to go about writing PDF documents from PHP in any font and language.

31)Sending SMS from your website
Learn how to send SMS from your website using the ClickATell API.

32)Creating Files in PHP
A basic tutorial on how to create and save files in php for beginners.

33)Tutorial create a zip file from folders on the fly
Creating zip files on a web server is a feature which could be very useful for backups or just for offering an unknown number of dynamic files or folder inside of a directory. This tutorial shows us how handle that with only a few rows of PHP code!

34)Video Detection and Embedding
A function that allows videos to be played in their selected players online.

35)Cooking Cookies with PHP
Learn how to create cookies, retrieve cookie values and delete/destroy cookies.

36)Get adsense stats from php
Most of us webmasters use adsense for our websites. Haven't you just like me wanted to get the stats via PHP directly into your own script? Here is how to get channel data with a script ready to use

37)Uploading, Saving and Downloading Binary Data in a MySQL Database
This article is aimed at answering one of the most asked questions on the PHP mailing list and discussion forums alike: How to store binary files in a MySQL database.

38)Bulletin Board Code Tutorial
This tutorial will enable you to use BBCode (Bulletin Board Code) in either your own custom made forums, guestbooks or similar projects.

39)Line chart class with gdLibrary
Learn how to make a Line Chart Class that you can use over and over again.

40)Create cropped thumbnails with GD Library
Learn how to create a cropped thumbnail with a double border.

41)Bar chart generator
This article contains PHP function ae_bar_html for generating HTML/CSS based one-column bar charts. It is suitable for simple diagrams and does not require libgd.

42)Detecting The User's Browser
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to detect the Internet browser the user is using. This is useful if you want to switch stylesheets based on the browser

43)Dynamic thumbnails from websites
Learn how to create the URL for a thumbnail from a website in no time.

44)Form Processing with PHP
One of the best features of PHP is possibility to respond to user queries or data submitted from HTML forms. You can process information gathered by an HTML form and use PHP code to make decisions based off this information to create dynamic web pages. In this tutorial you will learn how to create an HTML form and process the data.

45)How to resize pictures in php
This tutorial shows you resize an image in php with it's original aspect ratio, or force the picture to fit into a new dimension.

46)PHP MySQL example: image gallery (blob-storage)
Example of photo-gallery script, which uses MySQL table (BLOB field) to store images. Trivial password-protection, uploading and deleting images are supported. For Apache-version of PHP there is advanced browser-caching support (using If-Modified-Since header).

47)Blocking access to the login page after three unsuccessful login attempts
Sometimes you need to add an extra protection to password-protected website. This article explains how access to the login page can be restricted after three unsuccessful login attempts. This schema uses visitors IP address to store log attempts in the database and block access to login feature for 30 minutes after third unsuccessful attempt.

48)PHP calendar
This tutorial will show you how to render a calendar for the current month using PHP and HTML. This tutorial makes use of PHP’s calendar functions – you must have these installed for the code to work.

49)PhP Caching
A sample class tutorial for PHP caching. PHP caching is an advanced technique that reduces server overhead and it is very usefull to high traffic web sites.

ng forgotten password

This php tutorial shows you how to send password to members via e-mail address when they forgot their password.

51)Visual Verification in PHP
Verification of form data is used to determine whether or not the submission is from a user or from a "bot". Most forms now include image verification for just this reason. This article will demonstrate how to create a simplified image verification system..

52)Watermark Images on the Fly in PHP
Let's suppose that you've just been given five screenshots from the biggest upcoming video game of the year. You want to share your screenshots, but credit has to be given where credit is due. The solution is to watermark the images.

53)Check username availability in ajax and php using jquery’s fading effect
This tutorial explains how to check username availability in ajax and php using jquery's fading effect for showing the various messages.

54)How to encrypt user info with php
If you run a serious webpage where you save login information for your members to a database it is generally a very good idea to perform some kind of encryption on these password to prevent the information to be shared in case your database would be hacked. This tutorial shows you how to do this.

55)Working with UK postcodes
This short post provides you with a table for converting postcodes into counties. I created the table from a variety of sources for a recent project where I needed to be able to map user's postcodes to counties.

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