Hot Keys are handy when it comes to performing the routine work on your machine quickly. Especially Windows 8 comes with a bundle of Shortcut keys to dwindle the tiresome teasing little tasks. But what if you want to customize the shortcut keys? What if your “Window” key doesn’t work anymore or it’s broken? We always want to change the keyboard settings according to our own ease. That’s why, in this post we will tell you about an amazing free tool called “SharpKeys” that lets you remap the keys. For example if you don’t want to use Caps Lock because it mixes up with the alphabets and ruins your flow, you can customize it’s functionality and remap it to some other key(Ctrl or Alt etc).

Below is a step by step  procedure on using this nifty tool. You can always edit the mappings later on by using the “Edit” option so don’t hesitate to give it a spin.

1) After Installation, Double Click SharpKeys Icon, the starting Screen will look like this. Hit “Add” to add a new mapping for a key.

SharpKeys Start Screen


2) Now you will see two lists. The left side is for the keys to be mapped, the right list is where  you will select the new key. For instance, I want to get rid of the ugly Caps Lock button. I just selected it on the left list. I want left Ctrl key to take the functionality of Caps Lock, So I selected it in the Right List.

Sharp Keys Select Key Screen

3) Now  just hit “Write To Registry” Option.

SharpKeys Confirmation box

5) On Reboot, you can enjoy the latest remapping and customized Hot Keys.

Sharp Keys Success Box

Grab this useful software here for free.