A dream come true situation for project managers is always the feeling of dropping tasks in a machine and the machine beeps instantly informing of task completion. Unfortunately, with humans and reality, things are much different. One might wish for such a situation to exist but to achieve a small percentage of this, demands the right mix of technology, mobility and efficiency. The internet with its ‘cloud’ has made it possible to connect and collaborate with individuals and teams, across the globe. With towering workloads and task-lists, it is always useful to prioritize and plan while keeping all the team members or stake holders on board, accordingly. Understanding the strengths of both the social media and task management methods, DropTask presents a visually attractive and innovative online solution to the challenges of project management and efficiency. It connects the team members in a manner similar to popular social networks like Facebook while representing a plethora of tasks as Venn Diagrams based on priority of each component. DropTask allows you to keep track of updates and log data on to the cloud so that it becomes accessible, on the go.

Drop Tasks on to the web and monitor its progress to completion in a secure, private and collaborative manner, that is what DropTask aims to achieve.  You can add tasks after setting up an account and logging in to it. These tasks can then be assigned to relevant people, searched and sorted whenever needed. DropTask automatically illustrates the task-list in the form of Venn Diagrams where the timestamp, tags and assignees are highlighted for the manager. You can add a new task or a group while project members can be invited into your space. The project activity feed allows everyone to get informed and stay up to date with the developments of the project or task, at hand. To ensure that you are informed, it delivers notifications to you both in-app and via email to ensure reliability. In addition, you can also attach files, add comments and post details on your convenience so that everything fits into one place. DropTask also offers a mobile-friendly web presence so that you can make full use of its features, on the go.


All in all, we recommend DropTask for all your task management needs. The feel and usability of this online application is truly amazing and with the right use of colors and visuals, it has managed to merge energy with the much needed direction specified by you, as team manager.
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