With the recent news of 32 million passwords getting hacked from a very populimagear website, the need to ensure your security yourself is felt more then ever. One advice: If you don’t intend to use your OpenID or the website you want to register to is not offering it, then NEVER give them the same password as your email or Paypal, rather, always go for a unique password each time. So here’s the problem: You are registered on 20 different websites. Should we expect you to remember 20 different logins too? No. With the following trusted places to manage all your passwords, life has become a little easier.

Here is the list of 3 most popular internet passwords managers that make sure you never forget your password and you minimize if not eliminate the effect of someone hacking the website and getting hold of your login information.

1) RoboForm:

RoboForm is an award-winning automated password manager and web form filler wimageith some serious Artificial Intelligence. From the long list of features (which are always exaggerated), what you should really know is:

a) Passwords are stored and maintained in encrypted format.
b) It comes with an automatic registration form filler which actually puts in the login information that it already has with it. You don’t need to enable password storing in your browser anymore.
c) You can generate and encrypt secure random passwords. But this way, even you won’t ever be able to remember your password.

Here is a quick tutorial:


2) PassPack

This is yet another FREE online password manager. It protects your passwords everywhere you go. You can save all your pins and logins in one single place, and access thimageem from home, the office or anywhere else! All you need to do is sign up and you get started. It’s secure and works with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Here’s a quick walk through:

You can download PassPack here.

3) KeepPaas

For those who have a flavor for Open Source, this is what you need to have. This one isimage for the geeks only since they can play with the code itself to make sure the passwords get encrypted correctly or they can also code their own encryption algorithm on top of the existing that comes by default. There are active forums where you can find all the help to get started. The best thing about Open Source software is that you can tailor it to your specific needs.

You can download it here.