Running a small particle generation experiment to see FPS (Frames per Second) on my iPod touch 3.1.3 clearly shows that there’s marginal difference between HTML5 Canvas rendering engine optimized to run on Safari that comes with iPhone/iPod touch and iPad and plain old HTML and JavaScript. Moreover, HTML5 comparison on iPod touch and Nexus One is absolutely astonishing.


The experiment involves generating particles with shadows from a seed particle. The experiment shows that the difference in performance between HTML5 and HTML+JS on iPod touch.


The iPod touch used in this bench is iPod 3G 8GB firmware 3.1.3
This video shows that iPod touch 3G is by far the fastest of all iDevices so I have chosen the fastest one for this test.

Speed Test on iPod Touch Firmware 3.1.3

HTML5 Canvas peak: 2.08 FPS

HTML + JavaScript peak: 1.31

Nonetheless, the cat fight between Apple and Adobe over HTML5 and Flash will continue. Steve Jobs accuses Flash to be a resource hog and something that was never meant for mobile devices. Well, see this same experiment running on Google’s Nexus One and see the difference. Even for a 1Ghz Snap dragon processor, the difference is not justifiable. This guy runs the Flash version of the experiment using the Flash Player 10.1 embedded in the browser and it beats both HTML5 and HTML+JS with a huge difference!

HTML5 vs. HTML+JS vs. Flash 10.1 b3 on Nexus One:

Speed Test on Google Nexus One:

HTML5 Canvas peak: 6.43 FPS

Flash 10.1 peak: 45 26 FPS

What does this prove?

  • Flash 10.1 runs 7X faster then HTML5 on Google Nexus One
  • HTML5 runs 3X faster on Google Nexus One compared with iPod Touch 3.1.3

Previously, we showed how HTML5 video keeps crashing on iPad which is a further proof that HTML5 is still not ready to compete with Flash no matter what Steve Jobs claims.

[via The Man In Blue]

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