Well, Ballmer may not like it as was the case when a Microsoft employee last year tried taking Ballmer’s photos at a conference where he snatched the iPhone, threw it on the ground and pretended jumping on it. These scenes seem to be common at Redmond. So
Mr. Ballmer, when you cannot even convince your own employees to adopt Windows Phone then how will you court millions out there?

Company estimates showed that nearly 10,000 employees access the company email system through their iPhones. Now that a healthy number and nears almost 10% of Microsoft’s total workforce. One of the executives involved with the Windows Phone had a very lame explanation: They use it to better understand the competition, ten thousand of them! I would have believed if he said “they use iPhones to better understand our FAILURE in the smart phone market”.

Compared to this, none of Apple’s employees ever recall seeing any employee using other then iPhone. Don’t they need to understand the competition? I don’t think they do.

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