135908422_4785fe6b64 Capturing life in the form of digital photos is always been fun. In this tech era when social networks have become a part of our daily lives, capturing breath taking moments and sharing it with friends is always in need. Good quality photography is always appreciated and considered as more appealing to eyes.

Digital Cameras are very common as most of us have them in our cell phones but those with a high quality camera are rare and expensive. So for capturing perfect life moments digitally, you need a compact digital camera. If you are thinking to get a digital cam this Christmas then here are some of our best picks from the market under $250

1) Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS15


This 12.1 Megapixel is my favorite. I love Panasonic’s Lumix series because of its reliability, this camera is a great deal for $179. See full details at official site or Read review by TechRadar to know more.

 2) Canon IXUS 95 IS


This camera is for you if you inspire curved design. Canon IXUS 95 is very easy to use but a little more expensive than Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-FS15. The price tag is $199.99 but you can find a cheaper offer. See full details at official site or Read review by TechRadar to know more.


3) Sony Cyber Shot Digital Camera W290


Sony has always been favorite for their easy to use electronic appliances. The W290's menu system is very easy to navigate. But it has no zoom in or focus support for Video and is a little thick.  Price tag is $249. You can read full details at official page

4) Samsung ST50

imageThis camera has a very attractive design. Very comfortable and compact fits hands easily. Price tag is about $235 (varies). I suggest to read TechRadar’s review to know more. Or have a look at official details

5) Nikon COOLPIX S570


Nikon COOLPIX S570 is a very simple camera. Unlike others, it has some additional features like airbrush technique that allows you to airbrush a face for skin softening that reduces blemishes that may appear. Also a function called BSS automatically shoots sessions of photos and saves one which has sharpest focus. Price tag is $200. You can read a good review at letsgodigital or visit the official page.