Apple has just released iOS update 4.1 which is a major release and the first after the rebranding of iPhone OS to iOS. Since it’s a major release, we expect some big leaps and improvements, additions and most-needed patches. Here’s a list of new features as well as patches added in iOS update 4.1

1) Game Center: One of the most awesome entertainment feature addition to the already multi-taskable iOS 4. With game center, multi-player gaming on the iPhone has been taken to a whole new level. Well, this would be exaggeration but it definitely is a great addition. You can match with your friends or just random people, maintain scores and arrange challenges. Isn’t it fun? Of course, not to mention, iPod touch users will have to be on WiFi in order to play games on the game center. Also needless to mention, only multi-player and network enabled games could be played using Game center.

2) Rent-a-TV-show: Instead of purchasing episodes (without commercials) from iTunes, how about renting them out for 99 cents a piece? Not a bad deal considering that you get to watch the episode of your choice in high quality within minutes (depending upon your network connection).

3) Ping your friends: This has been in MSN for ages but is now also available on iOS update 4.1 you can discover what your friends are listening to, follow your favorite artists and also publish what you’re listening to.

4) HD Video upload: Whoa! Not only can you make HD quality videos on your iPhone 4 with it’s dual cameras and also now on your iPod touch 4g but you can also upload the same HD quality to your Youtube or MobileMe (Apple’s cloud service) account. This is iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4g specific.

5) HDR Photo capture: With high dynamic range (HDR) photos, the camera on iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4g can now capture more light intensity levels and combine it’s different variations to produce the best result. Of course it won’t be perfect each time but it’s a significant improvement over the previous camera. This is iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4g specific.