Text messages are the most widely used means of communication, people either use the network options or the wireless messaging services, nonetheless, short messages remain a vital communication means. It can often become hard to express emotion through messages, the lack of expressions and tone can lead to misunderstandings and can prove costly, for that, the only way had been through emoticons. I remember using emoticons since I had Sony Ericsson K700i and loved them from the start, but since new smartphones started pouring in; these little things got overlooked and eventually completely removed.


Emoji icons had always been a part of some major applications, like Facebook, whatsapp and skype apps for smartphones, and even iphone, which had a plugin to include the emoji icons. Although, it was never an issue on android as you could always download extra packs and plugins, and if not you could always flash custom keyboards containing emoticon plugins. In latest Jellybean iteration I.e. 4.2, Google decided to take matters into its own hands and include an emoji plugin of their own. Starting jellybean 4.2 you will get a set of black and white icons to send along your text messages.

The flushable package comes courtesy of XDA developers, who originally made the package for HTC Desire S as a custom recovery flash, but it soon made its way to a universal flash able package. To get the keyboard, your device must be rooted and have custom recovery installed, then follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Download the zip file from the link below.

Step 2: Place the file in your phone.

Step 3: Put your phone in recovery mode.

Step 4: Select the zip file you downloaded.

Step 5: Flash.

And that’s it, you now have the stock android 4.2 keyboard on your phone. Remember to always back up your phone before you flash any package, for that, use the nandroid options and save all your data.

Download: Emoji keyboard