The war between Adobe and Apple seems to be raging. With the release of iPhone OS4, the developer agreement now includes a complete section on which applications will be considered for inclusion into the App Store and Apple has specifically stated that “…only application written ORGINALLY in C++,  Objecttive C or JS” will be considered as iPhone apps. The rest can simply go to hell. Steve Jobs has seriously gone insane. period.

No matter what, Adobe last night confirmed that Creative Suite 5 is going to ship in 3 days on 12th April 2010 and it WILL include the iPhone packager. Adobe clarified that no matter what, CS5 is definitely going to ship with iPhone packager in the hope that Apple might relax it’s insane conditions.

For those who don’t have a clue of what it all means. The iPhone packager will allow hundreds of thousands of Flash applications to be ported to native iPhone apps and hence open the flush gates of new games and great apps to the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad user base. Apple will never want this to happen since this would mean an end to Apple’s monopoly over the App Store.

Besides iPhone packager, with CS5 now developers will be able to show mockups to their clients right in the browser with live commenting. No need to use 3rd party apps for mockups. [via Adobe blog]