Amazon has just announced at an event held in the Pace University auditorium in NYC, its all the new Kindle DX. It is almost similar to Kindle2 except for a few great changes like:image

Quick look:

  • Larger Screen
  • Auto-rotate
  • Native PDF Reader
  • Whooping 489$ price tag!
  • Increased memory
  • Access to 3G network
  • No yearly service fee

Detailed look:

1) The screen has been increased from 6 inches to 9.7 inches
(Image directly from Amazon’s presentation at the launch)

2) Screen auto-rotation which means if you rotate Kindle then the page will automatically align itself and not rotate with the device!

3) Wireless access to the ocean of 275,000 books on 3G network.

4) You can store upto 3500 books (because of enhanced 3.3GB on chip memory) compared to around 2000 books in kindle2.

5) The best feature is the native PDF reader that will support all PDF formats whereas in Kindle2 you have to rely on proprietary Amazon’s PDF reader so this is a great leap forward.

Better Comparison


Some images:



Even though the price tag is pretty much high but its definitely worth it!

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