This is awesome. If you guys are bored with your iPhone’s or iPod touch’s lock screen then you surely have to try the Android Lock screen. It rarely happens that iPhone developers copy anything from the Android but because of Android lock screen’s degree of awesomeness, who will not be forced to mimic it on their iPhone?

The app is available for download on the Jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch on the Cydia store with the name of “Android Lock”.

The procedure to use is pretty simple. First install the app from Cydia then go to
Settings –> Android Lock and set your lock sequence and instead of the default lock screen now you will see the Android Lock screen on your iPod touch/iPhone.

See my screenshots. Isn’t it awesome?

image image image

Here’s the video detailing the procedure:

And if this is not enough then you can try putting on Android on your iPhone or iPod Touch

How to Remove Android Lock Screen:

Many of you have been asking about ways to remove Android Lock. Read about 5 ways to remove Android Lock Screen from your iPhone or iPod Touch.