This was considered to be something next to impossible but a geek has finally made this unholy marriage a reality by porting Android to his iPhone 2G. It’s running fine except for some lags and he says that it will not be a problem porting this Android image to iPhone 3G and 3Gs but will he be able to port it to iPad? Anyways, he says that the ground work has been done and it will be easy to port “Google’s Android” to any of “iDevice”.

Seems like the Open Source armies have started advancing towards the Apple fort. This will go down into tech history as their first major victory against the mighty Apple Empire.

For those who want to play with their iPhone 2G, pre-built images have been uploaded to:

You may want to read the README for instructions on how to use this image.

Remember we already have a Windows simulator app for iPhone and iPod touch.

[via App Advice]