Earlier this year, Steve Jobs was grilled at the D8 regarding the faulty iPhone 4 antenna and he was not sure whether his engineers will come up with a fix. Initially, around the release of iPhone 4 when hundreds of thousands of users reported that they could not maintain their phone call for more then 30 seconds even in areas where they’re good coverage, Apple denied all that, blaming AT&T’s overcrowded networks but with time it became clear that iPhone 4 has some antenna issues.

It seems that Apple has now come up with a smart solution. Putting antenna in small form-factor electronic devices has always been a puzzling job and since Apple’s iDevices (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) have conductive metallic bodies and conductive touch screens, it becomes more difficult to place the antenna such that it’s protected from the interference of these metallic components. In iPhone 4, the antenna was wrapped around the rim of the phone which seemed like a smart solution but was only later discovered to be a big issue.

Apple has filed a patent which specifies a new form of antenna that it will place in it’s iDevices: The Apple Logo Antenna. The idea is pretty simple, since logo is not made of conductive material, the antenna would be placed beneath the logo. In iPhone, the logo is at the back of the phone and this will definitely be an ideal place for the antenna, protected from all electrical interference.

The images from the patent that Apple has filed reveal how the antenna would be placed inside the logo:



Apple has already been using the Logo Antenna in iPad where the Wi-Fi antenna is placed at the bottom of the logo which is at the back of the iPad like in this image from the iFixit’s iPad teardown:


Even if this solves the antenna issues, what will be the fate of millions of iPhone 4 that Apple has already sold? Are they going to provide them free hardware updates too or their fate will be left hanging in the middle? Obviously, Apple has tried updating the software but that did not fix the issue.

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