George Hotz, the famous guy behind the iPhone jailbreak and unlock solutions started off as Blackra1n has now shut down the blog on which he posted his iPhone jailbreak and unlock tutorials and his views on the alternative solutions. The blog is hosted on Blogger. Upon visiting the blog, you are now requested to log in with your Google ID so that it may check whether you are an authorized viewer of the blog.


Apparently, it all happened after his recent post showing that he has managed to jailbreak his iPhone 4 but stopped short of saying anything on the release which actually pissed a lot of readers. His very last post visible to the public on his iPhone blog was:

Sorry, this post was probably a bad idea. Next time I won’t say anything. I miss when this blog was actually about technical things(I’ve been reacting too much to the feedback, which led it to the place it’s in now). I didn’t fully realize most of the current scene don’t care unless they are getting something. Now I do. It’s late tonight, I’ll think about what to do about this in the morning.

The real reason behind no release isn’t technical. It’s just that it will never stop, after blackra1n, people demand unlock, after blacksn0w, people demand untethered. I miss the days when jailbreaking and unlocking were difficult, it attracted a much higher caliber crowd.
Also, to the haters, the picture is quite obviously fake 😀

(news via iClarified)

This decision by Geohot of shutting down his famous iPhone blog  will definitely have repercussions across the web especially from his loyal readers.

Here’s what you will see if you try accessing

And since I do not have access to the blog now, this is what I got:


And this is Geohot peeking right into your eyes:


Let us know what you think of this reaction from Geohot?