Maybe the punch line is not so descriptive but what follows here surely is. We reported back in July about how an employee of a company which is manufacturing iPhone 4G committed suicide after accidently losing a prototype of the next iPhone. Another day, another story of how Apple forces it’s suppliers to keep it’s upcoming gadgets secret. Sometimes this enforcement of security includes beating someone really bad.

This time it was a poor Reuters reporter trying to grab some photos of the Foxconn plant which manufactures all iPhone series, iPod touch and the upcoming iPad.

This is the poor guy’s story:

As he stood on the public road taking photos of the front gate and security checkpoint, a guard shouted. The reporter continued snapping photos before jumping into a waiting taxi. The guard blocked the vehicle and ordered imagethe driver to stop, threatening to strip him of his taxi license.

The correspondent got out and insisted he was within his rights as he was on the main road. The guard grabbed his arm. A second guard ran over, and with a crowd of Foxconn workers watching, they tried dragging him into the factory.

The reporter asked to be let go. When that didn't happen, he jerked himself free and started walking off. The older guard kicked him in the leg, while the second threatened to hit him again if he moved. A few minutes later, a Foxconn security car came along but the reporter refused to board it. He called the police instead.

After the authorities arrived and mediated, the guards apologized and the matter was settled. The reporter left without filing a complaint, though the police gave him the option of doing so.

"You're free to do what you want," the policeman explained, "But this is Foxconn and they have a special status here. Please understand."