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by on June 24th, 2013

If you wish to catch up with the ever-changing world, you must recognize the connecting thread between us – the cyberspace which unites talent from around the world. In the global village, it is essential to find ways to communicate and collaborate with the other in the best manner possible. Although tools like Google Hangout and Skype have made things quite simpler and easier, the combination of a collaborative interface meant for webinars and document sharing and review would surely be something different and far more useful. Vyew is a unique platform where you can manage rooms on various categories and participate in them to learn what is needed. In Vyew Rooms, you can hold video sessions with a large number of people while having the ability to upload content for review. Fellow team members can then review, comment and improve the documents in real-time for the greater good. This real-time collaboration and conferencing tool has uses in all type of fields including education and business operation. The best thing is, you can leave content in categorized rooms for later viewing. Read on after the jump, to learn more about sharing your vyew.

by on June 20th, 2013

Although LinkedIn seems to have resolved an apparently insignificant issue, a simple scratching the surface reveals a much graver picture. What really happened? A Tweet from Bryan Berg (cofounder of followed by user complaints and a subsequent tweet by LinkedIn confirmed that the site was down for at least an hour. This wasn’t a simple website issue but a bug that impacted and still seems to impact thousands of users worldwide. A DNS issue was reported where the traffic from LinkedIn was being re-routed to a network hosted by Confluence Networks. This wasn’t merely a traffic diversion but a hijack (as reported, as soon as this issue erupted), but an issue that possibly sent your session cookies as text files to the site.  In response to this controversy, Confluence Networks took 2 measures: first, it removed its contact numbers for India and second, it put up this statement: “Starting few hours ago, we received reports about some sites (including pointing to IPs allotted to our ranges. We are in touch with the affected parties & our customer to identify the root cause of this event. Note that it has already been verified that this issue was caused due to a human error and there was NO security related issue caused by the same. More details will be provided shortly.” So did this only concern LinkedIn? Not exactly! Read on after the jump to follow our exclusive analysis.

by on June 17th, 2013

Ever wondered where those amazing website backgrounds, slides in impressive presentations and posters come from? If you look deeper into the picture, you’ll realize that most professional bloggers and creative designers rely on Stock Photos and other sources to make their work more realistic and appealing to the common man. There are tens of websites that offer stock photos, vectors and images ready for use, but they require some form of monetary investment. There are some platform that offer you a subscription package after which you can access and download photos you like in multiple high resolution sizes while there are others that charge you for each image depending on the provider. Most amateur bloggers, even after finding out the key, leave it unused due to the price points. There is no doubt, that if you get quality you surely get the return on investment if done in the right way but if you’re bent upon accessing stock photos in a legal way, Photo Pin equips you with a rich collection of photos for both bloggers and creative designers alike. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to add in the secret ingredient and bring life to your work.

by on June 9th, 2013

Are you running a small business or planning to start a venture? Behind the effect, there is always a cause or a need existing in the society that has been left unfulfilled. Running a small business has three broad aspects: getting the word across (may it be word of mouth, web or multimedia adverts, and other ATL/BTL marketing means). Simply put, promoting your business is a must so that your target market gets to know of the services your initiative is providing, then comes the interaction stage (how can customers actually benefit from the services). In case of tangible services (like hairdressing, therapy, and the like), the primary focus is usually on scheduling and appointments while keeping track of the meetings in a manner that a first interaction and a follow-up appointment is differentiated. In return, you must also require a payment mechanism with the option of either paying you online for your work or paying on spot. To sum it up, BookedIN is an all-in-one solution that makes life easier in terms of managing small-scale businesses by allowing you to promote your business, schedule regular appointments and payment handling. In addition, you can integrate the utility with your website or Facebook page.

by on June 1st, 2013

If you’re interested in dealing with foreign currency or following the trends of a variety of currencies like the US Dollar, UK Pound Sterling, Euro among others, there are numerous options to fulfill this need. and in-built currency converter in Google might be what you really need on the surface. As soon as you feel a growing need to perform this operation, it is recommended to shift to a more personalized interface or utility which supports a huge database of currencies that can bring previous and current counts to view upon need. Currency Converter is a simple yet useful Chrome Extension that presents an easy-to-use and attractive user interface allowing you to calculate currency conversion figures while having the option to view trending rates as well as region-based Foreign Currency Cross Rates. You can select currencies of interest, simply by flagging them and adding them to your personalized space as highlights. By integrating with your browser, it eliminates the need to install a stand-alone application that could have used more memory and other system resources. Also, you can switch between tabs and get back to the Currency Converter as and when needed.

by on April 22nd, 2013

A dream come true situation for project managers is always the feeling of dropping tasks in a machine and the machine beeps instantly informing of task completion. Unfortunately, with humans and reality, things are much different. One might wish for such a situation to exist but to achieve a small percentage of this, demands the right mix of technology, mobility and efficiency. The internet with its ‘cloud’ has made it possible to connect and collaborate with individuals and teams, across the globe. With towering workloads and task-lists, it is always useful to prioritize and plan while keeping all the team members or stake holders on board, accordingly. Understanding the strengths of both the social media and task management methods, DropTask presents a visually attractive and innovative online solution to the challenges of project management and efficiency. It connects the team members in a manner similar to popular social networks like Facebook while representing a plethora of tasks as Venn Diagrams based on priority of each component. DropTask allows you to keep track of updates and log data on to the cloud so that it becomes accessible, on the go.

by on April 20th, 2013

Why save a high resolution picture from a PowerPoint slide, you might ask? Although there are a large number of fairly popular photo editors both as online tools and software applications, they may not be welcomed by a normal user. By a normal user, the reference is to all those individuals not comfortable in using software like Adobe Photoshop and the like. Quite often, you may require mild photo editing with overlay such as placing the company logo on a photo, and then saving it as a high resolution image that can then be used or resized as per requirement. Placing one image on the other is fairly simple and involves just a few drag and drop actions, along with the right use of Bring to Front and Send To Back options from the right click context menu in Microsoft PowerPoint. Saving it in a high quality format is a challenge in its own and hence, this post tells you exactly how to modify a few registry values in your favor. Once you successfully do this one-time customization, you’ll be able to do much more with the standard PowerPoint software.

by on April 18th, 2013

Quite often many of the things that are taken for granted are the most challenging to tackle. Take the environment you are in, right now. The colors around you, the elements of the room and the overall floor plan is of critical importance since you’re not the only one living there and would want guests to be impressed by the creative you in case of your home or clients in case of a professional environment. Unfortunately, whether it be the case of designing a new building or redesigning it, there is a significant gap between the architect or designer and the owner. While the owner is expressing his/her thoughts on what type of an end-product is needed and how, the designer faces a challenge of deciphering these thoughts and ideas to the limits of reality. To simplify matters, there is a hefty web tool that can bridge this gap and make life much easier. FloorPlanner (available both as an online tool as well as a Chrome extension) is an easy to use application that allows you to quickly express your ideas in practical terms. You might decide against hiring a third-party designer when you, yourself, would be designing floor plans in record time, hopefully.

by on April 14th, 2013

Whether you’re organizing an event or throwing a party, despite having sufficient preparation, the power of nature catches you when it’s least expected. Months of effort can be turned to rubble if you forget to check the weather forecasts. On the other hand, for the common man, everyday life depends on keeping track of weather. Quite often you might go and get your car cleaned and washed. As you glance at the sparkly clean car in pride, the clouds rumble and the rain starts. On your way back home, the car is topped off by mud and dirt bringing a frown to your face. What if you had seen the weather forecast and planned accordingly? You would definitely have saved both time, money and above all your mood. On a more serious note, weather disaster alerts are always usual to heed in preparation for natural disasters like hurricane, storms, cyclones and the like. WeatherBug is an amazing weather forecast application that allows you to keep track of weather conditions on a second-by-second basis. This real-time access to information ensures accuracy and reliability that is offered by very few programs. With browser-less entry, neighborhood-level forecasts, enhanced interactive maps, DTAs (Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts), Live Weather Cams, MyLocation and Locations Summary, WeatherBug comprehensively offers an all-in-one solution to all your weather forecasting needs.

by on March 30th, 2013

We often use to-do lists, notes and other task management software to organize, record and optimize our daily routine but one of the most important platforms where we spend significant amounts of our time is the Personal Computer. Microsoft Windows always comes with an easy to use Task Manager that allows you to achieve the same goal by analyzing a list of tasks and processes along with the system consumption information. The importance of Task Manager was often realized when the system would get very slow while some of the programs became unresponsive. The Ctrl+Alt+Del keys would always save us in such scenarios and when the explorer stops responding, all you need is to create a New Task with the identity explorer.exe. The End Process and End Process Tree have always been a life-saver for both the usual and the expert users of the computer. But the Task Manager was never an all-in-one solution and you would often had to rely on third party tools to get a better picture of the system resource consumption, startup management, tweaks and optimizations. With Windows 8, the new Task Manager is a comprehensive solution for both the novice as well as the advanced users of the operating system. This post will show you how life has been made simpler by this powerful system tool.

by on March 30th, 2013

Just like an investor carefully studies the company or area where he or she intends to rest the finances on, in hope of a far greater return, online ad placement requires in depth study of a particular website, its ranking, subsequent traffic and competitor websites. You may also want to compare analytics with respect to both global and regional level and then decide whether your investment in the form of online ads is worth it. You can also figure out the duration and expected return of investment within the time frame. If you’re just interested in analytics, Google AdPlanner does not disappoint you but presents estimates of traffic statistics of the website in focus, while giving you a preview of the traffic distribution with respect to age, gender, location, audience interests and the respective affinity. Google AdPlanner is a powerful tool based on  GDN Research and customized media plans that encourage you to analyze websites and webpages by placement, for placement and audience planning. It not only provides you the data but also suggests suitable ad sizes that can yield maximum returns. Using both AdSense and Google Analytics, Google AdPlanner provides great insights to the world wide web for your benefit.

by on March 30th, 2013

The internet is so full of diverse information ranging from different sources and relating to unimaginably large number of topics, that to filter out specifics of the much needed area is more of a challenge. Using search engines may be a good idea, but Google may not allow you to sift out data and trends from the social media and blogs in a comprehensive manner. At first, this may not seem much of an issue but getting insights to this fast growing community and having the ability to traverse these diverse and opinionated landscapes can be of great value. For instance, assessing popularity of a particular news issue or an event can be easily translated to an analysis with the help of social media or the alternative connection to the wider society. IceRocket is a useful search engine that allows you to instantly search for keywords and areas of interest in various aspects like Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Images and the like. In addition, benefitting from the buzz drawn out by this utility, you can find out trending items and searches whenever needed. Gathering content, analyzing data and organizing it in a smooth manner can surely be made easier using IceRocket.

by on March 12th, 2013

One thing that instantly comes up when one things of mathematics, equations and all those variables fluidly connected together to derive complex solutions from seemingly meager problems, is the image of a blackboard (or a whiteboard in the modern era). We all realize that quite rapidly, the virtual whiteboard is taking the center stage. With online education websites, virtual classrooms, video lessons, assignments and literally every component of learning becoming accessible through technology, more and more people are turning to their computers and the internet for learning. Now, imagine a situation where you’re faced by a huge assignment and you don’t have a solution manual to confirm whether you’re on the right track or even a silly-mistakes checker. Most of us make silly mistakes at the start of our solution that ends us up on the wrong side of the outcome. Inkulator is a Windows App that instantly detects handwritten mathematical equations and calculates them for you so that you can verify and diagnose the areas causing the wrong result. It provides an experience where you don’t have to click buttons and then erase parts of the equation, if you got it wrong but encourages you to jot everything in your own handwriting and then presents the solution, with ease.

by on March 8th, 2013

Whether it’s getting in touch with friends and family separated by hundreds of miles in distance or may it be an office meeting on a serious agenda point, there is one need that is strongly felt by users across the globe regarding VoIP applications or take the most popular example, Skype. This need is the ability to maintain multiple sessions of the same application. Many offices, companies and businesses use Skype for collaboration in a manner that the entire workplace is connected with each other using Skype. If you need to share data and you’re connected to the same network, transfer speeds wouldn’t get any better. If you have a brief query to address and you can’t get up from your chair and navigate your way to the respective colleague, simply start a chat on Skype. But just like email accounts, Skype accounts also need segregation between personal or home and office or work contacts. You can create groups, no doubt, but a separate experience is what is usually needed. In this post, we highlight a light-weight application that allows you to effectively address this problem and maintain multiple Skype sessions using either your Skype or Hotmail accounts.

by on March 5th, 2013

Looking for a tool that could help you in creating requirements and documents overviewing design for applications and software? In order to ensure that your design, whether it be applicable to a web page, smart phone app or a software, gets across to the UI/UX designers as well as the coding team, you must rely on feature-rich and user-friendly mockup and wire framing tools that enable you to fully convey your ideas on paper. Balsamiq is a resourceful and well-known application that allows you to achieve results in a manner that it is perfectly understandable by designers, product and project managers as well as the software developers. This means that you can finally spend more time in improving the actual layout and feel of the app being developed rather than being stuck at the very first step. Giving the process of creating innovative wireframes a realistic look, it ensures the retention of a sketch-like layout so that the focus remains not on the details but the concept on the basis of which new and improved mockups would come to life.