Ever felt the need to take a snapshot of an entire webpage or a portion of it? You can then annotate it and use it in analysis and documentation. If you’re into software analysis, you would definitely require the answers to these questions. In addition, if you aim to use the annotated snapshots at respective places, blurring sensitive information would definitely help you in achieving your goals. Awesome Screenshot is a useful Google Chrome extension that adds on to the browser, allowing you to capture (selected area, visible portion or the entire page), annotate & edit (using outlines in the shape of rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text) and save & share (using Google Drive) the snapshot of the whole page or its portions on a single click. Creating custom snapshots, product papers and analytical results have been made easy using this extension. For more features and applications, read on after the jump.

To install and configure this tool, you must visit the Chrome Store and click the blue Add To Chrome button at the top right corner of the program window. It is advisable to restart your browser and then use the Awesome Screenshot extension. Upon successful configuration, a floating window will allow you to choose the selection method (rectangular, circular or line), blurring or erasing information wherever needed and basic screenshot and image editing features. The same operation can be carried out using multiple standalone programs. The biggest advantage of this extension is the fact that it provides solution to every aspect of the problem using the existing system setup, having minimum impact on the performance of your computer. In addition, you can annotate or label sections of the webpage as per importance. Taking the screenshot of the entire webpage can become a tedious task, especially, if it is longer in layout. This is where this utility ensures the snapshot of the entire page, proving its worth.

Awesome screenshot

You can then edit the screenshot, crop portions of it and copy-paste it to Gmail according to your preferences. You can save files in your local drive or Google Drive in order to encourage storage over the crowd, enabling access across multiple platforms and devices. All in all, Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension is a useful and effective addition to the Chrome feature-set geared at empowering you with the freedom to record information and data over the web in a pictorial format.

Download Awesome Screenshot [Chrome Extension]