To begin with, we don't support piracy at all, but there is no running away from the fact that many amongst us who had a “jailbreak” device relied on installous or hackulous to get their daily dose of non Apple certified or cracked apps. For those of you who “buy” paid apps the name might not be familiar, but those who did, it was a worship place for them. The news might not affect iPhone 5 users though, because even after 3 months of it’s launch, the OS has not received it’s share of Jailbreak and it shows that Apple has been successful in making the new OS more secure and exploit less.

The reason for the closure however, is a little hard to believe. As it is stated on their website that the main reason is the “stagnating forum”. The forum in my opinion had always received generous amount of buzz.


Although it wasn’t the only resource of getting applications, but it was the best and held the most amount of apps. Maybe perhaps it is the time to start purchasing the apps rather than relying on pirated methods.