Sick of the loathsome waits during the file transfers? Me too, and I just hate to see the so called "progress" bars during any big file transfer, they inch forward once in ages, making you yowl around. Lagging in file transfers actually wastes a lot of time and kills productivity but luckily, we have a solution for this. A third party tool called “TeraCopy” boosts the file transfer process amazingly. It divides the file to be transferred in special buffers and chunks and uses smart back end algorithms to shrink up the transfer time. There are some built in tweaks for those who do not want to have a third party software in their PC but I have given a try to them as well and they are not up to the mark.

TeraCopy is a free tool which enables you to transfer a file at any location you want by making special repertories. You will notice a clear difference in the transfer time after installation of this tool. There are various ways you can use this tool. If you want to copy and paste a big file, you can move it first to the user interface of the tool and then use the “Copy To” option to paste it at a specified location.

boost your file tranfers using teracopy (1)

You can also right click the file to be transferred and select the “TeraCopy” option. This will automatically open the user interface and make things smooth.

boost your file tranfers using teracopy (2)

boost your file tranfers using teracopy (3)

The best part of this tool is the auto-resume feature which enables you to complete the file transfer process even if there is a buggy file. The TeraCopy tool will try multiple times to sent the buggy chunk but in case of failure, it will not cease the transfer process as the Windows built in file transfer does.

Download TeraCopy