It gives you much ease and mobility to carry your operating system on a flash drive! Since your OS resides in your Flash Drive, you can run it on whatever machine you want to. You can actually carry Linux Operating System in your pocket, especially when you work somewhere that requires traveling a lot. Yes, using a USB flash memory stick, you can easily boot and run Linux.


You can easily carry OS as well as configuration files. You can easily run Linux on any computer that supports booting from a USB flash drive. Just imagine, you will be carrying your files, emails, personal settings, games, applications all the time with you. That means, you won’t have to leave your comfort zone while you have to work, even when you are out of town!

You wonder, even a layman who is not familiar with the technical know-how, can boot and run Linux from a USB flash memory stick. The biggest advantage is that small programs run faster from USB flash drives. Carrying your own personal Linux operating system in your pocket can be extremely beneficial for the travelers or people using shared computers. So, turn your dreams into reality and carry not just your favorite files or documents, but an entire operating system.

Simply follow these steps:

· Download the Linux-Mint

· Proceed to download the ISO using your favorite torrent client

· Burn the ISO to a DVD

· Start your Computer from the Linux Mint DVD that you just burnt

· (1) Click the Linux Mint Start Menu Icon (2) From the search box, type term (3) click the Terminal option that appears


And there you go! Linux will boot on the system.

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