Now since we are talking about widgets it becomes obvious that the application is for android devices. Since the official instagram application does not support widgets (yet), it gives the developers and excellent opportunity to make applications of their own and see them rise in success. Such an application which was fairly popular was recently taken off from the board, it went by the name ‘BlingBox’ and to be fairly honest the application was great. Since it’s now gone, you must be looking for alternatives to sport on your android. GramWidget, developed by ‘Sagi Antebi’ and the application is available to download for free. What’s great is that android 4.2 users get an added feature which allows them to use the widget on the lockscreen. For those of you who don’t know, android 4.2 has widgets on lockscreen, to access them, simply slide either ways while being on the lockscreen.


Now coming back to GramWidget. it displays all the current feeds you want to follow, you can select the feeds depending upon different criteria. You get options to view feeds with respect to tags you select, people you follow, your feeds and simple the most liked pictures on instagram. Furthermore, you can select the interval the app refreshes at and the slideshow timescale can also be adjusted. There are there navigation options too, you can use the traditional right and left buttons to scroll through images and you can access the settings menu right from the lockscreen.

GramWidget 2

The app works quite brilliantly and you don't even need to open instagram to like the pictures, just press the heart button and it will be liked. The developer promises to bring new feature’s into the app though, features like daydream which will allow you to view feeds in floating slideshow. Although the application is great, i can’t help to notice the picture quality in my feeds which was less than impressive, that perhaps is my only criticism for the application.

So, if you were looking for an App to do just that, GramWidget should be the one, download it from the link below.

GramWidget: Android Market Link

Supported Devices: Android 2.3 and Above