Yes, this is true! If you happen to walk into any Apple Store (click here to see locations), pick up an iPhone and go to the counter to checkout, you will not be forced to sign any AT&T contract at all! Apple has made it official that it is selling iPhone 3G and 3Gs (8GB, 16GB and 32GB) models as a device without any contract bundled with it.

The price plan for the officially unlocked iPhone according to Apple is:

  • iPhone 3G 8GB - $499
  • iPhone 3Gs 16 GB - $599
  • iPhone 3Gs 32GB - $699

This is simply worth it’s price! With no condition to sign a two-year AT&T contract, you can enjoy your iPhone right away.


  • The iPhone will still be locked when you buy it but it takes less then two minutes to jailbreak and unlock your new iPhone 3G, 3Gs. You can find the extensive Jailbreak and Unlock tutorials at the bottom.
  • For now you can buy 1 iPhone per day and up to a total of 10 iPhones

Here’s the official document - which Gizmodo got hold of - instructing the sale of unlocked contract-less iPhones at the Apple Stores across US:

Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 2G, 3G and 3Gs:

[via Gizmodo]