Microsoft has officially announced that Project Spartan will be the new web browser for Windows 10. It will feature plenty of interesting features and innovations. It will be far better as compared to the less popular Internet Explorer among people. Spartan was released on 21 January event of Microsoft where a variety of devices and software were uncovered. Brief overview of Spartan features is covered in this post.

Microsoft Launches Spartan Web Browser for Windows 10 1

Microsoft Launches Spartan Web Browser for Windows 10 2

The most interesting feature of Spartan is the latest inking support to allow users annotate web pages and sync all their notes to OneDrive and share them with the collaborators. This service will be quite useful considering the Microsoft’s focus on Stylus with its Surface lineup. In addition to the pen like note taking features, you can also click anywhere on the page and add annotations and comments, very much like in Office documents.

Microsoft Launches Spartan Web Browser for Windows 10

The users will also enjoy the new reading mode that removes the clutter of the page and provides book reading like experience for users. This feature was provided by Apple on Safari long ago for its iOS and Mac devices. You can also sync reading list across various devices.

It is obvious that Cortana will be integrated into Project Spartan. It pops up on relevant pages where Cortana will be really useful. For example, if you are on a restaurant’s web page, Cortana will provide you directions, display its hours and Contact info, and link you out to Open Table for reservation. The browser can also provide information about flight reservations. Let’s say, if you type “Delta” in the address bar, it will know whether you have flight booked and will show you the details.

Overall, Project Spartan is a great step forward in the race of browsers in which Microsoft was quite lagging as compared to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The complete details about the browsers are not confirmed as yet. It appears that Project Spartan will completely replace Internet Explorer. The confirmation of these details will be had after uncovering of Windows 10.