The use of web browsers have surely become a necessity in order to effectively access the information world via the internet. Along with speed, the safety, privacy and smoothness of the experience is a common concern to both novice and advanced users. Usually, you may battle these challenges by using Ad, Pop Up blockers and other tools to eliminate tracking through cookies and information exchange to untrusted third-party websites. On the other hand, developers rely on HTML editors to aid development in synchronization with web surfing. Cheetah, is a modern browser that addresses these concerns in an appropriate manner leading to a secure and fruitful web navigation and development experience. It comes with an integrated HTML editor (Praken Note), pop-up blocker, drag & drop feature, memory & CPU analyzer and the flexibility to modify the appearance using aero and metro-style forms. Overall, Cheetah is based on the Chromium engine while relying on the OpenWebKitSharp structure. To top it all, it makes best use of the latest technology like HTML 5 and CSS3 for the better.

For a successful installation, make sure to have the latest .NET Framework (preferably 4.0)configured on your system. Upon execution, Cheetah browser welcomes you with a fairly attractive interface rich with the latest metro-style layout. Apart from accessing popular social media and information sites like Wikipedia, Google, LinkedIn, Flickr, MSN, Myspace, Digg, Reddit, DeviantArt and more, you can switch between tabs to manage multiple information streams at a time without any fear of errors or crashes. If at any point, you feel a sluggish performance simply click the Show Statistics button at the top right corner of the window and analyze the load distribution with emphasis on CPU and memory usage.

New tab - Cheetah

The Statistics information sidebar displays the total number of active processes, main and child processes with focus on real-time memory details and the total CPU time. As a response measure, you can click Auto-flush memory to eliminate any inefficient resource utilization. Moreover, to instantly reclaim memory in favor of your browsing needs, click Flush Memory to clean the slate.

Cheetah Statistics

The complete feature set can be made accessible by clicking the Cheetah icon at the top left corner of the window where each feature along with the respective hotkeys are organized as options. Some useful features can be used through the Tools menu if you require viewing the source or the in-built HTML Editor (Praken Note) for web development.

Cheetah Menu

Another distinguishing feature is the preview capability of Cheetah tabs. As you hover your cursor from one tab to another without clicking them, the current loaded state of the website comes to view in a sleek floating window (tab preview).

Cheetah Interface

In the end, we found this browser useful as well as stable for web enthusiasts as well as developers, making it worth the try. We tested it on Windows 7, 64-bit edition while it supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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