With iPad, you can watch videos, lectures, music and movies on the go or even when at home, iPad users mostly tend to skip their desktop to get the mobile entertainment experience with iPad. To get the same multimedia experience on your iPad, it’s required that you convert all your multimedia to an iPad supported video format before you could view it on your iPad. This is where Video converters come in and with Xilisoft’s iPad Video Converter, this has become really easy now.

iPad converter, iPad video converterIf you want to view HD quality videos on iPad, then you should have the iPad supported H.264 HD format for the video. Converting to this format using any of the available converters usually results in decreased video quality due to the faulty motion estimation by these converters. With Xilisoft’s converter, you get the exact same quality when you convert any video or audio file format to an iPad supported format.

The distinguishing feature of iPad Video Converter is not just the preservence of the exact same quality but also speed. If you have a multi-core CPU (who hasn’t?) then the converter software makes sure that it utilizes all cores during conversion. This is necessary for performance since video encoding (which is commonly known as video conversion) is a very compute intensive job and just utilizing 1 core while you have 2 or 4 cores available is a waste of resources since the remaining cores will be doing nothing.

Besides just converting videos and audios, this software also lets you:

  1. Extract photos from a video and then compile a photo album for your iPad.
  2. Extract clips from a bigger video and then convert only that clip instead of the whole video. And unlike other video clipping tools, this tool will not decrease the quality of the clipped video.
  3. Extract audio from the video file and then convert only that audio file to an iPad supported audio format.
  4. Supports virtually any video format so that you don’t have to use any other video converter when you have got Xilisoft’s iPad Video Converter.

Even though it does not need to be reiterated but: It also lets you convert HD video formats to iPad HD video format. And then it also lets you compile photos into an iPad video! This is more like compiling a slideshow for your iPad.

You have to try it to get the real feeling of what video conversion for iPad is all about.