So you’re motivation level is reaching its peak and you’ve decided not to rest till you’ve become productive. Your adrenaline level is high and your mind is racing with ideas, things to do, everything seems to be landing in your head at that very moment and you’re ready for action. Many of us experience such brief moments that race our mind and convinces us to abandon all the random stuff that’s eating up all your precious time. It’s well known that such emotionally ‘high’ phases are usually short lived with the subject’s motivation level eventually dying down unless there’s some real drive and some real goals needed to be achieved which is a challenge in its own. In both cases, an important habit is to jot down everything that pops up in your mind and recognize its value. There are some tasks that often lay in our head and stay there till the end even though we realize what they mean to our goals. Once you have a list of ideas and things to-do, you need to prioritize them and begin action on each of them with consistency. In this tech-savvy world, how could it be possible that there won’t be a productivity-inducing app or web companion that would make things easier for you? Any.DO is just the thing you need to remain focused on your to-do lists wherever we go.

The to-do lists manager or Any.DO is an effective way of reminding yourself of the tasks at hand and in what order they need to be addressed. In such situations, you can’t leave anything for tomorrow, keeping in mind that anything is possible with the sincere effort. It aids you in this cause by providing you a helping hand on the web, as a browser add-on (Chrome extension), and a smart phone app (on Android and iOS). It basically allows you to create a task lists ready to be executed in action while encouraging you to organize the lists in relevant Folders according to the Priority level and Time sensitivity of the list. You can also add Notes for reference, wherever needed. Recognizing your need for mobility and usage over diverse set of devices and platforms, it automatically syncs the data on all configured fronts by you in order to maintain the activity level. For accountability, task distribution and/or inspiration, you can easily share your to-do’s with all those who are relevant to the cause.


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