Windows 8.1 is in the town with a plethora of new features. Some are good, some are not so up to the mark. We have been tipping you about solutions to the common problems faced by amassed number of users of Windows 8.1 from the past several days. In this post, we will wire you with another pronounced issue which most of the users are facing, which is, “This PC” in Windows 8.1. This PC is the new name of what was previously called “Computer”. Many users are not comfortable with this new name, its features and limitations. “This PC” shows systems folders and drive in a completely different way as before. The libraries are shown above the Drives in the list format and there are difficulties in searching the specified file.

this pc folder screen

Customization always make things perky and interesting because the usability gets a boost if we can wriggle things up our own way. The real problem  arises when you want to customize the “This PC” folder. Using Registry changes is not safe an too complex for the common users. Let's go the free way and avoid playing up with the with the Windows registry. “This PC Tweaker” is a free third party software which empowers you to customize This PC Folder in Windows 8.1, enable the God Mode, add action center shortcuts, mesh non systems custom folders in This PC Folder and much more. Just extract the software and you will see the first screen like this.

this pc tweaker first screen

Just hit “Add New Item” and start selecting folders, options, files or anything you want to see in your This PC Folder.

this pc tweaker add new item window

You can also use this awesome utility to remove anything from the This PC Folder. Using sidebar navigation elevates control and customizations ability of the users. Spice things up now and grab this free tool to give it a spin.

Download This PC Tweaker