Start Screen, Tiles, Lock Screen, Charms Menu, these are the things with which the Windows users interact daily. We don’t often like default looks and feel of most of the software do we? Especially in Windows 8.1, the start screen has been teasing a lot of users because of its extra colourful, wriggled up start screen and tiles which does not please the eyes and effect usability in a negative way. So if you are really looking to get rid of cranky and loopy interface, awful tiles of Windows 8.1, we will recommend you with an awesome tool, Decor8 from Stardock, thanks to the latest beta version release for Windows 8.1, you can use this colossal third party tool to customize Windows 8.1 aesthetics and outlook.

Edited Start Screen Decor8

You can change backgrounds by going into the library images, change sizes of the images and on the top of that, if you don’t like the in-built images, you can spice things up and add your custom image by selecting any image file. For all the windows 8.1 folks out there who are teased up because of the nudge of tile colours, it’s time to cheer up because Decor8 gives you an option to change colour schemes for tiles too. You can change icons, customizations and best use the recommendations by the Decor8. It automatically creates the colour schemes at the back end to match the tiles and icons.  Decor8 gives you a menu for the areas where you can customize as you can see in the picture shown below.

Decor 8 menu

You can select custom colour patterns as well as new blending schemes for the tiles. Different features and play ups like toggle fade image effect, change image orientation, and toggle image shuffling after selecting multiple images are some of the most awesome features of this tool.

customizing backgorund with Decor8

From the “Custom Colour Scheme”, you can choose “Background colour”, “Standard tile colour”, “Accent colour” and “Text colour”. Click each the four boxes and choose “Pick colour” for making choices. There is no need to tweak and disturb the registry for editing the default tile sizes to fit the display because Decor8 gives options to edit the tiles for minimalistic looks.

Changing color Schemes with Decor8

Decor8 is not free, it asks to lax $4.99 but it’s the best bang for your bucks. But still if you not looking to get risk, you can give it a spin for 30 days before actually making a buying decision. You can download the latest release of Decor 8 which supports Windows 8.1 from the official Stardock website