Have you ever accidentally sent messages to unintended recipients? It is really humiliating to send your private messages mistakenly to undesired recipients. iPhone users can now save their face from this mistake by using Strings app. It allows you to delete sent messages from recipient’s mobile even if he has opened them. The interesting features of Strings app are highlighted as follows, mainly focusing on how to delete sent messages from iPhone.

delete sent messages iphone

  • Strings is associated with your phone number.
  • Your profile is private and is visible to people who you add to your contact list.
  • The content is shared with only specific people.
  • Nobody can download or share your content without your approval.
  • If anyone tries to take screenshot of Strings window, the app will suspend account of culprits.
  • If you withdraw yourself from conversation, everything in the thread will be removed.
  • If you delete photo, video, or chat, it will be deleted from the phones of all participants.
  • If you delete your account, videos, photos, or comments, they will be deleted from everywhere including Strings servers.
  • The content you share will never be mined, analyzed, sold, filed etc.
  • Strings is free to use and carries no advertisements.

Strings app is recently released in US and it is hailed as a useful chatting app much like WhatsApp. It offers a variety of privacy controls for users. The sender can control who can save and download their images and videos from Strings app. The most interesting feature is the ability to delete a certain message or even the entire conversation thread from the recipient’s iPhone.

delete sent messages iphone

The motto of app “You pull all the strings” goes to show the intended purpose of this tool. If you have expressed your anger in harsh words to your loved ones, you can easily remove them hastily without letting them know about it. Even if recipients have read the messages, you may still remove them. However, it will be really wonderful if you delete all the evidences of offending statements before other person opens your texts.

According to the developers of Strings, the content deleted by users will be permanently removed from devices of senders, receivers, and Strings servers. You can remove traces and evidences of harsh and humiliating conversation threads.

Strings works with texts, email messages, photos, and even unlimited length videos. If the user deletes a string, everything inside it will be vanished forever.

Strings app hasn’t yet received the UK release date. But, the global users will certainly enjoy this service in near future. This app is currently available for Apple devices.