Yes that’s right! When Apple claimed they have ‘an app for everything’ they were probably right! Now you can deposit your checks without actually mailing them to the bank or worse, going yourself to the bank! image

If you are a USAA account holder and qualify (USAA claims 60% of their account holders qualify for this) and of course if you have an iPhone then all you need to do is take pictures of both sides of your check and send it through and it will be electronically processed and money will be deposited in your account! Simple, isn’t it?

USAA iPhone app does all this! The app is now listed on the iTunes store [iTunes direct link]

USAA says that you will be qualified to use this app to deposit checks if: If you’re eligible for the credit and insured by the bank. [USAA says 60% of their customers qualify]

Here is the video which demonstrates the app in action:

It’s really going to change the way we do banking!