image For those who were anticipating Android 2.1 OTA for their Motorola Droid would be upset to hear that Android 2.1 OTA has been leaked first for the HTC Droid Eris users. The leaked update has been dubbed as OFFICIAL RELEASE but it still is more of a leak then an official release as Pete claims (the guy who posted the release).

Even though it’s an early release but those who have updated have not reported animagey bugs so far. It’s still not sure whether it has Flash 10 support or not but it is definitely coming with the final 2.1 release.

One of the primary reasons for updating your HTC Droid Eris to Android 2.1 OTA is to get Flash 10 support along with some new features and bug fixes.

Android seems to have taken over windows mobile despite still being in its infancy, fortunately if your are looking for a good quality andriod mobile phone the HTC desire is for you.

Download Android 2.1 OTA

[Thanks to Pete and AndroidDrive]