When it comes to bragging about the hang-outs, check-ins and finding the perfect place to throw a visit, Foursquare has no match. Windows 8 users, getting habitual of not using the best apps available to date, were feeling deprived here as well, until the official announcement by Microsoft, which made the Foursquare App available for its Windows 8/RT users.

First teased at Microsoft’s BUILD developer’s conference back in June, the much anticipated Windows Foursqaure app is providing much of the new colossal services. Users can collect their badges, make and view recommendations, and strive for mayorship. The Charms menu integration with the awesome search feature make it easier for you to search for new places by just using keywords. For example, if you are looking for god coffee shops in your area, just splash Coffee in the search bar and famous coffee places will the popped at the screen. The interface is offering a frenzy of aesthetically pleasing perks.

Four square location search screen

The App is absolutely free and runs best on Windows 8/RT tablet but if you don’t have one, you can still give this pie a spin.

Download Foursquare for Windows 8