The goal of this book is to help developers and solution architects build effective, high quality applications on the Microsoft platform and the .NET Framework more
quickly and with less risk by leveraging tried and trusted architecture and design
principles and patterns.

The book provides an overview of the underlying principles and patterns that provide a solid foundation for good application architecture and design. On top of this foundation, the guide provides generally applicable guidance for partitioning an application’s functionality into layers, components, and services. It goes on to provide guidance on identifying and addressing the key design characteristics of the solution and the key quality attributes and crosscutting concerns. The guide builds still further and provides guidance that is more specific on the architecture and design of the most common application types, such as Web, rich Internet applications (RIA), rich client, services, and mobile applications.

The main goals of this is to develop concepts about:

  • Understand the underlying architecture and design principles and patterns for
    developing successful solutions on the Microsoft platform.
  • Identify appropriate strategies and design patterns that will help you design your
    solution’s layers, components, and services.
  • Identify and address the key engineering decision points for your solution.
  • Identify and address the key quality attributes and crosscutting concerns for your
  • Choose the right technologies for your solution.
  • Create a candidate baseline architecture for your solution.
  • Identify patterns & practices solution assets and further guidance that will help
    you to implement your solution.

Above details are extracted from the introduction of the book

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