Whether you’re managing large scale tasks or small scale operations, the use of computer systems bring forth the need for a light weight and effective text editor that can record your everyday needs. At a meeting, rather than noting the main points on a physical notepad, the Notepad in your operating system encourages you to store information in the most simplest format possible yielding to minimum file size. Although having a limited feature set, text editors provide you with small tools that are used, frequently, thus saving significant amounts of time in the long-run. EditPad Lite is a useful and convenient text editor that combines simplicity with the much-needed resources. It allows you to open as many text files as possible while switching between a multi-tabbed interface. It has a fairly useful search-and-replace features whereby you can define the scope of your operation (a specific keyword, sentence or a rectangular section) according to your needs and requirements. With features like Clip Collection (list of text sections), auto save and backup, highlight URLs, edit and sort lists and more, you can work much more efficiently. In addition, it supports text files saved in various operating systems like Linux, UNIX, Mac and even DOS.

As soon as you initiate the installation, a prompt window appears asking you to select the type of installation required. You can create a portable version or install in the traditional way by simply clicking the No-Questions-Asked-Installation button. If you’re an advanced user and want to customize the installation, click the respective option and configure, accordingly.

Just Great Software EditPad Lite Setup

As soon as the installation completes, you will be greeted by a resourceful interface. The Default Text Editor prompt window will usually ask you whether to make EditPad your text editor for all relevant use. To avoid seeing this window, upon each execution, simply uncheck the respective option in the window. If you require any assistance or support information, click the Help button.

EditPad Lite Main Interface

As indicated before, EditPad allows you to open an unlimited number of text files in the same interface while allowing you to mark and switch between tabs, saving both your time and effort. Moreover, with the previous editing position and previously edited file commands, you can simplify the navigation experience for the better.

EditPad Lite Inerface

You can utilize the regular expressions (accessible through the bottom pane) and adaptive case options to enhance the dynamic search-and-replace function. Furthermore, if you find some valuable information in the file you’re editing and want to save it separately for future reference, use the Clip Collection that manages and saves all such data in an organized manner. EditPad comes with unlimited undo and redo capabilities while auto-saving and backup options to ensure reliability for you. Just like a document editor, it automatically highlight URLs and email addresses to enable easy tracking and access on double click. The extensive multi-tabbed Preferences window allows you to customize the experience for good.

EditPad Preferences

We tested this utility on Windows 7, 64-bit edition while it supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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