Facebook has really gone insane. Not only this but they have really crossed the lines this time. Imagine your prospective employers or just some odd-random-guy searching on Google and your Facebook status or pics or any information you have on Facebook starts coming up in the search results without you even realizing that. Now this seems pretty scary but the truth is that it’s already happening and this time they did it quietly probably because of the uproar they had to face because of their lame actions. They played clever this time.

If this sounds sinister then it is. There is no explainable reason for putting someone’s personal stream up on search engines. So much for privacy!

So what’s the deal all about?  As of today, Facebook will start opening up your stream which probably is all of your information on Facebook for search engines to index which would then make your information available as search results of relative queries.

What really stinks about it is that it is presented as an option in the form of a check box but we would never had known it existed and it’s set to true by default as though they already knew everyone would agree to their saintly conduct.

Here’s the quick remedy:

Login to your Facebook. Goto Settings –> Privacy Settingsimage

Then click Search:

And then uncheck the last statement: