If you are still wondering and having second thoughts whether to buy the new iPhone 4 because of it’s faulty reception issues, then your worries end here. Introducing the all new iHand – the ultimate solution to all your iHand problems. Now you can get 100% signals, anytime anywhere. Absolutely no worries.

You might have started to feel this as just another sales pitch but hey! Take a look at this down-to-earth iPhone 4 reception problem solver:


It has never been so cool to hold an iPhone like this, so much so that even Steve Job’s like to hold it this way. Probably this is what he actually meant when he said “Hold it differently”.

With iHand, you make sure that you’re holding your iPhone just the right way and the best part is that it comes in multiple colors depending upon your ethnicity:


You can choose whichever you want but make sure it matches your skin color otherwise what’s the point of rolling it out in so many different colors?

And what’s the best part? iHand is made of pure European beechwood and it does not interfere with your new iPhone 4’s finicky antenna. Problem solved.

See the complete roll out screen:iphone_4_reception_problem (image via)