iphone-push-notification-service The push notifications for hactivated (jailbroken and unlocked) iPhones never worked properly until PushFix 2.0 was out with a working solution. PushFix fixed the issue by providing each iPhone a unique certificate generated via IMEI number of the phone for $5.99. ‘Push Doctor’ is a free push fix solution that uses same unique certificate issuing technique. Push Doctor is created by Anethema and CmdShft.

Here is how you can get Push Doctor on your hactivated iPhone:

  1. Open Cydia and tap on Manage.
  2. Tap on ‘Sources’ and then tap ‘Edit’.
  3. Tap on ‘Add’ and in ‘Cydia/APT URL’ type https://www.cmdshft.ipwn.me/apt/ and tap add.


  4. Wait until Cydia Updates Sources by downloading Packages.
  5. Go to search, search for ‘push doctor’ and install it.


  6. Reboot your phone and you are done.

Important update via iHackintosh:

Update via CmdShft : If you’re having an issue with installing Push Doctor and you cannot get push working, it’s because the server it’s getting your unique cert from is actually out of certs. The demand is very high apparently, and @anethema is now generating 1 unique cert per minute to put on the server. Try every few hours, eventually it will work. Any errors just means the same that it cannot find a unique cert. Just "reinstall" the package later or the next day.

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