The fire is raging in both the camps. At one side, Steve wants to wipe off Flash from the face of the new (mobile) web and Adobe wants Apple to be realistic and accept that Flash is the enabler for 75% of the video content on the web besides thousands of great apps already available to other smart phone users. But the consequences of Apple allowing Flash support on iPhone and iPod touch and the yet-to-be-released-magical-device iPad are immense to say the least with literally millions of Flash apps coming to iPhone and iPod touch.

The desperation of the “poor iPhone OS users” is evident from the fact that Adobe received 7 million requests on it’s page from where millions download and update Flash every day. Such is the interest in Flash but Steve wants us to believe that Flash is old and lousy and inefficient and that HTML5 is the future. Okay, agreed that HTML is THE future but it’s not coming anytime soon and it’s not going to replace 75% of the web video content anytime soon.

This is the page Adobe has put up for all those poor iPod touch and iPhone users who dare challenge Steve’s verdict of NO-FLASH-ON-IPHONEimage