Flash is destined for iPhone and iPod touch one way or the other. Every one is getting desperate with Adobe topping the list. How long will it take for Jobs to realize that the all new iPad will not survive the criticism it’s receiving right after it was announced for it’s lack of Flash support. There are over 10 million active Flash developers waiting for Apple’s gates to be opened and when that happens, we are going to see another revolution. The current apps on App Store are nothing compared to what Flash developers have been floating around all these years. Imagine all of that on iPhone and iPod touch. But of course it will come at the cost of App Store’s monopoly that it enjoys right now.

Adobe is trying to change the game (or cut deal with Apple?) with iPhone Packager that will be shipped with CS5. We are all waiting for it anxiously so that we may lay our hands on the very first “converter” for Flash apps coded in ActionScript 3 to be translated/converted into native iPhone apps but of course with a few limitations owing to the hardware of iPhone.

iPhone Packager and CS5 are in private beta right now and here are the very first Flash apps that are translated into native iPhone/iPod touch apps and are now available on App Store:



Dr. Alan Acierno has created a Brush application which times every tooth and section of the mouth to help you brush 3 minutes twice a day





Gold Strike

This popular action/puzzle game has been around for nearly a decade and played by millions. You are a miner who has struck gold! But the mine is unstable. Remove gold by finding groups of blocks as tremors fill the mine up.


With both these apps available on App Store, we are going to witness thousands of others once the iPhone Packager is released.