There had been doubts if Apple would ever allow a streaming music app to get listimageed on App Store but seems like it has learnt from it’s big mistakes it made recently regarding the Google’s app rejection story. 

Now you can search for your favorite tracks, create playlists and not only this, but download tracks to listen while you’re not connected to the internet. Seems much like the iTunes. It’s not.

Spotify, the exceedingly popular streaming music service largely in Europe claims that it’s iPhone app has been approved and will be available on App Store shortly.

The app is loaded with great features like searching, streaming, creating and managing playlists but what’s the greatest of all? You can buffer whole songs to listen to when you’re not connected to internet! They call it Offline mode and it surely is a killer feature. I wonder how Spotify could makes it’s way into the much guarded App Store. And you get access to SIX MILLION on-demand tracks! Pity, it’s only available in Europe for now but will be rolled out for US by year end.

And the app is actually FREE!

And here’s a demo:

Playlist manager:

Buffer Tracks:



image    image 


Spotify has already overtook iTunes in Sweden! March on to US? Pretty near.



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