One of the features enjoyed widely on android is the support of SWYPE texting. The feature allows users to slide on letter to form words and sentences without lifting your finger. SWYPE, which has been fairly popular on Android ever since it’s launch is available on Cydia to download on iOS devices, but not everyone jailbreak(s) their device. TouchPal Keyboard had been a major competitor for SWYPE keyboard on android, some even prefer it over SWYPE suggesting it behaves more naturally; the good news is the TouchPal Keyboard is now available for iOS users and what makes the news exciting is that it is not limited to Cydia store only.


the application is fairly impressive and does all without spoiling the beautiful iOS keyboard look. Word prediction and alternative input methods are convenient and do perform rather well. currently, the developers have added following languages in keyboard support:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Developers of the application have promised a better language support, but even without it the application seems a perfect deal. With the options to change languages, you can change other settings as well; autocorrect, layout, automatic spacing, keyboard sound can all be toggled in the settings menu.

the input method for TouchPal keyboard is pretty standard, if you have enabled the option to use it, simple swipe over the letter to form a word. You can quickly jump back and use it as a regular keyboard as well. It might not be as refined as the keyboard officially offered by google, but there are no specific complaints about it either.

The application is available for iPod touch and iPhone variants and is specifically optimized for iPhone 5. So, if you want to give the keyboard a shot, follow the link below for apple App Store link.

Download: TouchPal