There are a variety of image editing applications, available for use, both online and offline but they vary in the respective learning curve associated with them. For novice users, it is the ease of use and relevance to the problem, at hand, that makes an image editing program worthy of use. Moreover, the interface coupled with performance are important factors in view of the majority of users. If you want to upload a photo album, you may want to add a logo or watermark for identification or marketing to the collection in the least amount of time. Similarly, you may also want to reduce the image size, resolution and other aspects to ensure effective sharing and related applications. GoodFrame is a handy program that allows you to easily apply finishing touches to your image collection, in batches for operations like printing and sharing. You can also apply simple as well as rounded frames as per your preference.

After successfully installing the application, you can execute GoodFrame to access a feature rich main interface, organized into various sections addressing the various aspects or categories of usage that you may require. The Source section provides fields to specify the file or the source directory. You can choose whether to validate each image or not, depending on the requirement at hand. You can adjust the image size as well as the size of the generated (output) image in accordance with your needs while adjusting the quality taking the situation into view (print, share, and more) using the Image Parameters section. To apply various types of frames, select the respective button or field from the Frame section. Similarly, you can set the destination location along with any other information using the relevant sections.

GoodFrame - Main

It should be noted that we tested the free version of this application for the purpose of this review. The software comes in two versions, GoodFrame and GoodFrame Plus. The former version includes the power to add custom watermark or logos to the image along with the capability to process batch image files efficiently. Imagine adding a logo or watermark to tens of photos one by one. This would take a lot of time and effort. With GoodFrame, applying frames and other effects to huge photo albums becomes easy and manageable. We tested this program on Windows 8, 64-bit edition while it supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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