Now that we have moved up in the world in regards to technology, all we should be thinking about optimization and productivity. Computers and internet services evolved, and now, they are integral part of our daily lives. But, as much as innovations are important, understanding the true potential of it is the key part. Now, all of us must be aware of Google chrome right? But the question I ask valued readers today that if they use it the way it should be. It is Google’s ambition to remove the need of having several gadgets around to fulfill the productivity needs, for that, they have to date done thousands of modifications and advancement to its browser i.e. Google Chrome.

The service I am going to talk about is an application available to download for free, it’s called mysms. Now what mysms does is increase your productivity. Why keep a constant check of your messages on phone when you can have your web browser display them at a click? That is exactly what mysms does. You can send, receive and even view all your messages that are in your device via mysms chrome application. Now, I know it is “old” news, but from what I have seen, not many people are aware of what can be done with a single browser.

For mysms to work, you would need to install mysms application on your android device as well, but, thankfully its free. Once you have downloaded it, download the chrome application and enter your cellular number, once done, it will sync all your contacts and messages with the chrome application. I have searched and searched for applications like this, but always came up short, this however, does not disappoint. Not only you are getting your message feeds; message sending is at a brisk as well, your entire contact list is synced with your app and you can use T9 or word matching to select a contact, no need to remember the number, how great is that.

So, if you like having all things at one place while you work, then mysms and google chrome applications are a perfect solution for your needs. The good news is, it isn’t the only application that could drastically improve productivity. Google chrome store is becoming extensive day by day and for once I did not feel the need to carry my phone along with me.