While Google has tried its level best to incorporate information and data from Google+ to its widely popular search engine, Facebook remained a step behind in this regard. Recently, after much media hype, the Facebook team headed by Mark Zuckerberg announced a unique way for Facebook users to utilize advanced search utilities to find what they exactly need in the least amount of time. The CEO of Facebook described the new Graph Search feature as a descriptive way of search. He further says. “But we can answer a set of questions that no one else can really answer. All those other services are indexing primarily public information, and stuff in Facebook isn’t out there in the world — it’s stuff that people share. There’s no real way to cut through the contents of what people are sharing, to fulfill big human needs about discovery, to find people you wouldn’t otherwise be connected with. And we thought we should do something about that. We’re the only service in the world that can do that.”

For now, Facebook Graph Search is available for preview. Sign in using your Facebook account and add yourself to the queue while trying out the captivating details that await you. Here are 3 things, you must know about this upcoming feature.

Facebook Graph Search

Graph Search Isn’t Web Search

So, Graph Search is in no way replacing Google but it is aiming at satisfying user needs by providing a new way to search for and find information on People, Photos, Places and Interests. It allows you to search for details spread all over Facebook.

Using Bing To Fill The Gaps

So, how is this bad news for Google? In an attempt to keep users cling on to Facebook on larger durations of time, Facebook Graph Search integrates results with Bing to fill in gaps and provide the details, you are looking for.

Searching NOT Stalking

Although the new addition is a perfect tool for all stalking enthusiasts out there to find and track interesting people yet with new privacy settings just around the corner, what it actually does is allow you to give life and value to a search result. For example, if you’re looking for a nearby Chinese restaurant, all you need to do is define the parameters and let Graph Search do the rest for you. In addition, it also highlights which of your contacts or friends have relevant experience so you can research well before making a move.

facebook- graph search

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