Gyroscope was one valuable addition announced at the iPhone 4 launch. For those who missed that part, gyroscope enables capturing motion in 3D which means that any application can use the motion of the iPhone 4 holder and respond accordingly. Naturally, games are the best candidate for exploiting this new functionality. GunRange from ng:moco has turned out to be the first iPhone 4 game to exploit this feature.

GunRange uses gyroscope for detecting movement of the holder for shooting at the targets displayed. This means you do not have to move around by sliding your fingers over the iPhone touch interface.

Here’s the video showing Gyroscope in action:

And here’s another video showing some more of Gyroscope awesomeness used in GunRange:

And here’s the video clip from Steve Job’s keynot e at WWDC 2010 demoing Gyroscope on iPhone 4:

As you can see, the demo in the keynote did not really reveal the true capabilities of this new feature.

Gyro + Accelerometer provides applications to sense motion data in 6 axis which includes (angular velocity, pitch, roll, yaw and rotation about the axis). This means that your complete body movement can be detected.

Note: Since GunRange is specifically designed for iPhone 4, it will not be playable for iPhone 3Gs, 3G and 2G.

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