What better gift for winters then the gloves that would work with capacitive touch screens (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). A while back there were reports of Apple filing a patent for capacitive-touch-sensitive gloves. Guess what, you don’t always need a patent to launch such a simple utility. You can grab your pair from “Agloves”, the company behind these capacitive-screen-sensitive gloves.


And also on iPad:


Some folks have tried using gloves made out of jeans and they claimed it to be working. With record cold this year in Europe, these gloves will definitely come in handy for the holiday season, in fact they will sell like hot cakes! I am not sure whether they’re as worm as other normal gloves but at least you’ll have something on your hands to save them from freezing!

The chemistry behind these unisex gloves is quite simple: Since capacitive screen responds to tiny charge flowing from your finger tips to to the screen, these gloves have Silver fiber knitted into them which acts as a conductor of this small charge. In other words, these gloves are electrical conductors. Agloves has priced them at $17.99 (sensibly) and currently they’re only available in metallic gray color.

See these capacitive-sensitive gloves in action after the break.