This happens a lot and perhaps it’s the worst thing to happen to any geek (aimagend normal people too). If you’re not tuned to do periodic backups of at least your valuable data then you must not complain when things get messy. Actually I have corrupted and/or lost my hard drive multiple times so I know the pain of losing your valuable data. Well, all data is valuable.

So if you have tried several free services to somehow recover your lost data then there probably isn't a free solution. How about spending some bucks for guaranteed data recovery? If there isn’t any recovery, there is no payment provided your hard disk seal is intact.

Hard disks could crash for a hundred and one reasons. Sometimes it’s a mere fluimagectuation in power which causes some of the ICs to mal function and hence the whole of hard disk becomes dysfunctional. That is physical damage and no software or service could repair it and so it needs manual physical repair. You can get your board changed to get that fixed. At times you get bad sectors, either physical or logical. Logical bad sectors can be fixed by  logically sealing them off and marking the infected sectors as no-go area and this could easily be done with numerous softwares, most of them are available for free.

Now when it comes to detecting the fault, most of us can’t simply do that since that requires proper training and expertise. And meddling with your data would be the last thing you would want to do. So better leave this with the experts who will handle the recovery process gently and make sure your data is recovered. At least whatever of it IS recoverable.

DTI data has been authorized by most of the hard drive manufacturers because imageof their quality of service, labs and guaranteed recovery. You want to take a look at their credibility? They have successfully carried out hard drive recovery and repaired hard drives for hundreds of clients which include NASA and Lockheed Martin, so you can well imagine the  quality of their service. And this is the reason PC World calls them the Hard Drive Gurus!

RAID data recovery is very complex work since it involves multiple hard drives. DTI Data are experts at RAID recovery and also offer freeware RAID software.

They ofimagefer remote hard drive recovery and most of such instances will cost you below $100. Meager amount when compared with your valuable data. Besides hard drive repair, they do repairing of RAID and SCSI drives too and they have their own data recovery software. The  best thing is that they don’t have any hidden costs. Every service offering goes with a flat rate listed on the outset.

So next time you lose your data, you know where to go.