The main selling factor and the main reason why most of the people go for android is the customization options. Although other operating systems such as iOS and Windows Phone do provide these options, but in fairness they are not as flexible as android’s customization options. If you have an android device then you got off to a good start, now comes the difficult part, source if inspiration. Most of us would love to keep the devices as minimal and as simple as we could, but in a few days you will eventually get bored of the interface and want to spice things up. Recently, while going through a few websites i came across a website and i was stunned to find out how much work people have put into android interface customization and all you need to do it is a few cheap apps, ability to read and patience.

the website i am referring to is dubbed as MyColorScreen and it really is one stop shop for inspiration. it is a huge community where people come up and share the customizations, providing screenshots, tools, images and even wallpapers they used. From there it is on you, you have to put the jigsaw pieces together and make your home screen look as good as theirs. Here are a few samples of what you can expect from the website:


Take these two screenshots for example, the one on the left looks like the interface of Google now, but it isn’t; the homescreen modifications are so amazingly put together you would feel as if they were meant to be like this.


This is another fine example of the screens. You will find no better source of inspiration. The users are pretty helpful and they will guide you through their method, and dont worry, if you did not like the above screenshots, there is plenty more. MyColorScreen is home to around 27,892 homescreens and is growing continuously. If you think you can beat the talent then you can share your work there too.

Mostly Used Applications

To get you started, here is a list of applications that are mostly used in Android screen customization:

Apex Launcher - $4.0

SimiClock- Free

Ultimate Custom Clock- Free

Minimalistic text- Free

Zooper Widget Pro- $1.30

So, there you go, take the best out of your Android device and customize it to it’s core. Share your work with us and if you have any android tools and themes you would like to share, feel free to.