To start off with, Adobe decided that the ability to add bookmarks on a PDF document should only be available to those users who pay. In other words, you cannot add bookmarks in your PDF documents in Adobe Reader. You need to have the editor which is paid. Imagine the pain of reading a thick PDF book and saving the page number manually every time you close the document. There’s another way adding bookmarks in your PDF documents right inside Adobe Acrobat Reader. Here’s how:


It’s not called bookmarks but it performs that same function. All you have to do is this:

Open up Adobe Acrobat Reader (I have Reader version 10.X) and go to the Preferences tab located in:

Edit – > Preferences:

adobe reader preferences tab

In the preferences tab, go to the Documents tab located in the Categories on the left panel:


Now in the Documents tab, check the first option which says:

Restore last view settings when reopening documents

This is all you have to do! Check it and then click OK. Now whenever you close the PDF document (or even if it crashes), the next time you open it, it will directly go to the page from where you left off. So even if you forgot the page, it will take you to the last viewed page whenever you reopen it.